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The Barcoo Brats has its origins on the headwaters of the famous Barcoo River at Tambo in Western Queensland, Australia. Originally involved in “Tambo Teddies”, I saw an opening for a range of “kids” country clothes, specialising in shirts.

All our clothing is individually designed in bright colours with an emphasis on sun protection, durability and practicality at an affordable price.

Since then, The Barcoo Brats have been visiting country shows and outfitting the children of rural Australia for many years and over this time have forged a reputation for quality, stylish and affordable clothing and have become known as the kid shirt specialists.

All shirts and dresses are made from specially selected cottons or blends with contrasting trims for individuality, action backs or fitted, double pockets or plain.The tradition of visiting country shows will continue, however, you no longer have to wait for your local show to roll around. Now your favourite clothing for boys, girls and the famous Barcoo Bums is only a mouse click away. We are very excited to now make our entire range available all year round, join our facebook page or contact me directly for orders. At The Barcoo Brats, we are continually adding new designs and colours to our range and it is virtually impossible to show every design we have. So we have decided to show you a selection of each item. If you are interested in any line of clothing, please contact us with your details and we can provide you with the very latest colours and features.


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The Barcoo Brats take great pride in manufacturing individual designs for Australian kids, by Australians, in Australia for Australian conditions.

Thank you for your support

Charm Ryrie
Designer and Founder
The Barcoo Brats

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